Five huge facts about the Big Dipper.

Be honest with yourself: How much do you know about the Big Dipper?

The answer is – not enough! Get big ones (facts, that is) on the more sizable of the Dippers right here:

  1. The Big Dipper isn’t a constellation. What?! Seriously. The formation is actually an asterism and part of the constellation Ursa Major.
  2. In 50,000 years, the Big Dipper will change shape and might resemble… a Big Iron. Or something.
  3. In other countries, the Big Dipper is referred to as the Plough, the Saucepan, the Great Wagon, and the Big Bear.
  4. The ‘dipper’ in Big Dipper is referring to a ladle – that’s a lot of soup!
  5. The Big Dipper has been used on flags (including Alaska’s state flag) and many company logos.

See more fun facts about the Big Dipper and learn about it on

3 thoughts on “Five huge facts about the Big Dipper.”

    1. I think if you look at that site more closely, you will see that the content belongs to us, not to them. The copying was done the other way, and they gave us credit.


  1. Thanks for sharing these astronomical facts. To add to the confusion, many of the constellations will eventaully change shape to the extent that we’ll have to call them something else.
    The constellation Crux (aka the Southern Cross) appears on the flags of the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and Tokelau.


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