What a night at Answers.com!

Thanks to everyone who planned, attended and ‘virtually’ participated in the Answers.com House Party last night! If pictures are any proof, it seems everyone had a great time, meeting local folks, chatting with the team, checking out the new office, getting a photo opp with the Orange Guy… and more.

Check ’em out below… More photos in the Facebook album.

Matthew and Chris chat aside the Orange Guy.

Party people!

The virtual attendees! Wall of postcards from our fans around the world.

Shaya (Pickleshy) with BringingtheWood, an Answers.com Supervisor from the Bronx.

Katie, our star insta-photographer!

Phil’s obviously taking care of business.

Ezra and Keith survey the land.

The raffle winner – Mackenzie Murphy (left) – owner of her very own Answer Monster!

…which is actually an iPod shuffle. Engraved.

A word from the winner:

Everyone gets a goodie bag!

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