And now for some poll results: “Why do you use”

A few weeks ago, we asked you “Why do you use” Aside from it being fun to post polls, we really did want to hear your feedback and comments on the topic – it makes our world go ’round!

Seriously, in the last week, all your helpful, encouraging and constructive feedback was shared with the community and product teams behind We hope that anytime you have an idea, suggestion or request, you’ll feel free to express it here on no.stupid.answers, or on’s Community Forum.

Now, down to business. We got dozens of votes and comments, which are now shared directly on the version of the Q&A: Why do you use

As of today, the latest poll results include:

  • Search engines just give links. gives information. (44%, 117 Votes)
  • I trust (44%, 117 Votes)
  • The answers get updated. (32%, 85 Votes)
  • I like the social aspect of (27%, 71 Votes)
  • It came up in Google. (17%, 46 Votes)
  • Another reason… (list in the comments) (15%, 39 Votes)

You can actually continue to vote and leave comments on the original post or the Q&A.

By the way, another interesting Q&A related to the topic is: Why ask the community when you could find an answer by using a search engine?

Big thanks to all of you!

3 thoughts on “And now for some poll results: “Why do you use””

  1. i still have a question that i have had since when i first joined 1&1/2 month ago?.
    why is file for abuse, in red always next to my name.!!!!!??????.. Tom Wade??


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