Tell us: Why do you use

It’s awesome to give answers all the time, but sometimes we just want to hear from you.

Why do you use We’d love your feedback. Make your voice heard in the poll below and feel free to add additional thoughts, reasons, and reflections in the comments section.

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82 thoughts on “Tell us: Why do you use”

  1. I like Wiki because i love working for it, I feel like a employee and they make me feel that way. Also I like WikiAnswers is because it makes me feel satisfied… I also have a dream for it. my dream was “What if I was a High staff to Wiki” what will I do? I will make it better keep only the Contributors can edit & answers questions. Make everyone feel important, give anyone a chance and way more.. like 25 more reasons. I love WikiAnswers so much like you can’t even belive it.


  2. I agree with you Princesslaughalot I hate it when they give you 1,000,000 different websites and half the time it has nothing to do with your question! And if wikianswers does not have the answer you can try and find it elsewhere and then i go back and answer it on there so that people can benifit from it!
    Tay Tay Rules


  3. I had high hopes for the site until I found the supervisor pettiness to be just as bad as on other sites; that and the incidence of not knowing your own rules or how to apply them; and cutting off member just because they use the site wisely and effectively and have above average reading comprehension. And I do not like the idea of not receiving answers to emails or having me eaddress blackballed just because I make helpful suggestions about site malfunctions and ways to improve the obvious flaws.


  4. I like to share what little I know. I know a lot about some things, and a little about others. Also, sometimes you can find answers to questions you can’t find anywhere else.


  5. I think wiki answers provides a platform where people get information based on researches carried out different people. The anwsers might not be 100% correct but it will get you a clue of what you are looking for.


  6. I just like the fact that when you type in a question they give you different options to choose from.Either way you still find what you are lokking for.


  7. i agree, it shows people,s experince and back ground. thewn you decide if the person ios for real or not. (even if the question is,nt excatrally right).


  8. i hope this comment is just to be in “a sense of humor”, and not to make me appear as an asshole!!!. if your are being a wise guy, then i really whis i could meet you in person about this matter. i was born pore,very pore. educated myself. and a statement like this really makes me pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..Tom Wade…


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