Five presidential pets that make Bo look bland.

President’s best friend… As you’ve seen in photos, President Obama keeps Bo the Portuguese Water Dog around the White House for furry cuddle once in a while. Many past American presidents have found they needed a pet or two to get them by. But who knew past POTUS’s had such bizarre taste in pets… and in pet names?

In the historical paintings and black and white photographs, American presidents may look stuffy and serious, but if their animal friends are any indication, we can claim humor a political asset.

Here are our top five picks of interesting presidential pets:

  1. George Washington: Black and Tan Coonhounds named Drunkard, Taster, Tipler, and Tipsy (beverage problem, Mr. President?)
  2. Thomas Jefferson: Two bear cubs (wait, what??)
  3. Andrew Jackson: Pol, a parrot he taught to swear (Oh, Jackson, you old %#$#%)
  4. Benjamin Harrison: Opossums named Mr. Reciprocity and Mr. Protection (Feeling insecure, are we?)
  5. Calvin Coolidge: Canaries named Nip and Tuck (A man before his time…)

Oh, but there is more… An alligator? White mice? See the complete list of interesting U.S. presidential pets and resist the urge to go to the pet store.

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