And ‘Dash’ they did: takes Central Park.

As of this weekend, there’s a whole new meaning to ‘follow us for the answers…’

The staff are very proud of our speedy colleagues, who made it across the finish line at NYC’s Dash & Splash yesterday. Denise (Graphic Design), Shaya (Product Management) and Julie ( Francais) ran the 10k race through Central Park, displaying pride (and drinking plenty of water):

Shaya, Julie and Denise smile for the paparazzi post-race. After months of training, they did great time: 1:22, 1:19, 1:11 respectively.

Follow them for the answers… and people did! Well, it was a race.

Shaya says that post-Dash, she’s going to continue running; with such a great victory pose, why let it go to waste?

The weather was hot, the spray stations were refreshing, but Denise was the coolest of all – doesn’t she make it look so simple?

Feeling inspired? Get some running tips from contributors:

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