An Ode to

Answers.comOne of our contributors, Judy Florian, provides an interesting look inside this crazy ride called in our featured poem this week. has facts about the Battle of Waterloo and it also has the latest reality show gossip. But it all falls into place and we learn from each other while building the world’s leading Q&A site.

We Learn from YOU, by Judy Florian, July 8, 2010

Need quick answers to your problems?
Volunteers will reply to each of them.
From students’ to professionals’ wisdom
We give true answers to all who come. is the place to turn!
For any subject you wish to learn.
Type a question, see what’s there!
Celebrity to chemistry to polar bear.

Are you curious about Lindsay Lohan?
Database design? or the newest band?
Tracing of blood through your heart?
Give us a topic from which to start!

Ask the most trivial, the most obscure.
Ask about what makes you feel unsure.
We’ll do our best to explain it well,
Define, describe, in detail we’ll tell.

Studying the history of Women’s Lib?
Don’t understand parents? problem sibs?
Concerned about how your boyfriend acts?
Want to understand, know, get the facts?

Want help for your relationship stress?
How she could cheat, but not confess?
Are you figuring out personality types?
Want to understand what’s all the hype?

Test questions? Well, that’s not our goal.
Supplies of test answers creates a hole
In learning all that you will need to know.
But by explanation, Answers we’ll show.

Our directions will give you the source.
Show you ways to pass that school course!
And in the process, volunteers learn too.
From Bieber, to NASA, we learn from YOU!

It’s easy to register and to join the site,
Become a contributor, post Answers right.
Newbie to experienced pro,
In your contributions, let knowledge show!

Earn Trust Points with answers written well.
Compassion, respect, and your grammar tells
That you’re one who will share all you know
For recent questions, or ones from long ago.

Then work your way up, if that’s what you want.
Consistency makes advancement an easy jaunt!
Come quick to to get it right., The World’s Leading Q&A Site.

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