Mobile gets community features.

New from the world of mobile answers:’s Mobile version (for iPhone, Android and others) has rolled out with several community-related features.

Check out the highlights:

  • Sign in: You can now sign in on the mobile site with your account (or your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo! or Google accounts).
  • Featured Questions: Yet another shortcut to a list of questions that need answering, directly from the home page.
  • Top Contributors: Are you the top contributor for the month of July? Keep track on the go, now that you can access the Top Contributors listings in one click from the home page.
  • My Watchlist and Contributions: Skim Q&As on your watchlist to find your next victim, I mean, question to answer. Review your (or others’) contributions easily from My Pages on the home page.
  • My Settings: Adjust your password, account IDs, watchlist, time zone, and more from the settings page.

Let’s be honest – screenshots and descriptions don’t tell the whole story… You just have to try it! Type ‘’ in your  iPhone or Android browser and see for yourself.

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