More on’s 5 million-strong community.

Last week we mentioned here that the community has grown to over 5 million members. The growth is encouraging, and not just to us no.stupid.answers bloggers.’s Director of Community Development, Scott Moore, shared his thoughts in yesterday’s press release:

“Q&A sites have become a very popular means for getting answers to everyday questions, as well as sharing knowledge on topics close to people’s hearts, and is at the forefront of this trend,” said Scott Moore, Director of Community Development.

“Whether it is the BP oil spill disaster, the latest on the iPhone 4 release, or excitement surrounding the FIFA World Cup games, our dedicated community is asking, answering and conversing across a vast collection of categories. Our community programs – Community Outreach, WikiReviewers, Mentoring and Vandal Patrol, to name a few, are delivering on the opportunity to expand our user-base, our data-base and our brand. As we fast approach 9 million answers in our community answer database, it’s clear that, without the wonderful, diverse and knowledgeable members of our community, we wouldn’t have one of the fastest-growing Q&A communities on the Web.”

Here are some other fun facts about’s recent growth:

  •’s U.S. audience size in May 2010 was 45.4 million unique visitors…
  • …this ranked the site #21 on the comScore charts.
  • Globally, monthly unique visitors were 72 million…
  • …which makes the 37th highest ranked site worldwide.

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