Jadeacres, Checkin’ In on the Chicken Coop.

About a month ago, one of our most cherished and deeply respected SupervisorsJadeacres – suggested that we check in on some of our Senior Supers and pay them homage with updated posts here on no.stupid.answers. Of course, this was yet another awesome idea from our man Jade (something he seems to have an endless stream of). We jumped on this opportunity – not because we wanted a piece of his glorious, orange birthday cake (drooling!) – but because we want our long-time contributors to know that on Answers.com you will forever be admired, talked about (in a positive light!) and appreciated.

Fittingly, first to the plate is Jade. Here’s an update direct from “The Chicken Coop”:

What is your Answers.com user name?

Jadeacres but I am also known as Jade/James/Jamie…or That Vandal Patrol Supervisor. My bio page is commonly referred to as “The Chicken Coop.”

How long have you been with the community? What are some of the badges you hold? Awards won?

Coming up to my fourth year…really? I am proud of all the accomplishments I have made over the years including my association with WikiGuides (from concept to what it is now), Vandal Patrol (first Senior Investigator thanks to An8thg) and the Mentoring Program (thanks to Katz2). I have been involved with all these programs, many of them before they were conceived as “official”.

Remind us of what brought you to Answers.com and what keeps you around.

I first came to the site (FAQ Farm) seeking information about Crohn’s disease. I actually registered months later when looking for information about chickens, when I got interested in the whole concept of sharing information and correcting erroneous or incomplete answers. My work was noticed, appreciated and I was asked to consider becoming a Supervisor.

Since you were last featured, have there been any changes in your life? Exciting new developments?

Liz did a wonderful three-part series on Jadeacres/Snugglefoot Hollow. The three-part series Fun, Farms and Friendship from December 2008 just about said it all. I am older, a little bit wiser (thanks to Answers.com) and very much richer with cherished friends from all over the world. The trip to Atlanta last December was truly a highlight in my life as I was able to relax and enjoy the companionship of many people I would otherwise never have met in person.

Are you involved in any new hobbies or activities (outside of Answers.com)?

Who? Me? LOL WikiAnswers is my life! Really though, now that my son has recently moved away to the big city I have found I have slightly less time for being online, and I miss my once daily obsession. I do check my e-mail daily, but I find with the new trend toward social networking and my general reluctance to learn new computer skills I am having difficulty keeping up. I might not Facebook, Twitter, etc. but I will, however, forever be found on WikiAnswers.

What one feature on Answers.com are you directly responsible for suggesting?

Offhand, I cannot think of many, although I am sure there are more than a few. Those handy volunteer Supervisor “wiki” cards (modeled after traditional business cards) we all now receive with parcels were my idea, first proposed in 2008. I was very much involved in the start-up of many of the programs we all enjoy now. I see my mark on much of WikiAnswers as it is today.

If you could sum up your experiences on Answers.com in five words, what would you say?

I really don’t need five words to express my feelings for WikiAnswers, one will suffice…Family!

Do you want to be interviewed for the Contributor corner? Just leave a comment below and we’ll get to work.

6 thoughts on “Jadeacres, Checkin’ In on the Chicken Coop.”

  1. Great stuff Jade. I hope you consider me 'family'. The dogs send their regards and thank you for your donation to their welfare. Good health and best regard to you and the Wikiwidow.


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