Rose8787: Contributorship of Titanic Proportions

In the epic film, Titanic, the beautiful, upper-class socialite, Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet), falls in love with the unsophisticated, impoverished hoi polloi, Jack Dawsen (Leonardo DiCaprio), during the ship’s ill-fated maiden voyage. It’s an onscreen love story that was, until recently (Yes, Avatar), the most celebrated the world over – at least from a financial perspective.

For some of us, nothing can top the story that was the Titanic – real, tragic, eternal. With a user name that pays tribute to the Titanic’s Rose is this week’s Featured Contributor – Rose8787. Recently placing 3rd in our Spring Cleaning Question Editing contest, Rose8787 is of the finest variety of Contributors – truly contributorship of titanic proportions. Here’s more:

What is your user name and the history behind it?

My user name is Rose8787. It’s actually the user name I use everywhere. The history of it is a bit funny. It started after playing a game for quite a long time, and just typing random digits when getting on the high-score list. Numerous times it became 8787 (eighty-seven-eighty-seven). I thought it was funny, and started using it other places, too. Rose I came up with after watching Titanic. I love the name Rose, and because most places Rose is already taken, I putted the 8787 as part of it, too!

What is your first name?


What is your age?


Where do you live, how long have you lived there and why do you like the area?

I currently live in the southern part of Norway. I have lived there for about 10 years I think. I love it there because the sea is really close, and the summertime is usually warmer here than in the north.

What educational information would you like to share?

I am currently attending high school.

What are your key areas of knowledge, interest or expertise?

I can’t come up with something specific, but I do like geography and science which I learn at school.

Do you have any collections or hobbies?

I like taking pictures. In school I am actually collecting different kind of plants to make a herbarium.

What do you like to do for recreation?

I love being outside in the woods.

What are a few random facts about yourself?

Curious, kind and friendly.

What accomplishments are you proud of?

Becoming a Supervisor on!

How would you describe yourself or personality?

I love to learn new things and do not give up easily.

What brought you to

It was actually just a coincidence that I found the site. I was at school working on a project, when I was searching on Google for various phrases. And one of the hits led me to I had never heard about it before, but I liked the idea of a site where anybody could help improve the pages. It didn’t take long before I joined then.

What keeps you coming back to

It must be the excitement of helping other people with their questions and also the possibility of asking new questions.

What is your favorite activity?

For the moment, I like to clean up questions with too many alternates. But I also enjoy recategorizing and answering questions here and there.

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