Bigcatone is loving life

Big catHave you met the Big Cat?  (No, I’m not talking about the famous baseball slugger)   Bigcatone is an supervisor who also happens to have been a zoologist in a former life.  You’ll typically find him on the prowl in the Wild Cats category but he can do the History thing too. Rumor has it he can even belt out a song or two on the side!

This man of many talents is now showcasing his writing talents for us.  This week’s feature in the Poetry Cafe is about love and what it means to the Big Cat.

Untitled, by Bigcatone

To hold you close at dawn’s first light
to kiss those lips at lost midnight
To see the ruins of the dying day
And suppress the love we gave away

To realize the true love story
and live our lives
In true love glory
To breathe the air that swirls about
to whisper when we need to shout

To feel the life we made anew
To see the grass in morning dew
To walk along the beach at dawn
And know you are the only one

To watch the sunrise over the gate
To hear the night as it abates
Feeling love and evermore
A walk along the golden shore

To let you know the way I feel
To let hearts once broken heal
and hold the hand I treasure most
As love grows ‘long the golden coast

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