The 300th Protégé: RoddLuna

The Mentoring Program has announced its 300th graduate, and he goes by the username RoddLuna. As you may know, the Mentoring Program is a chance for Supervisors, new and even not-so-new, to pair with an experienced Supervisor and get a deeper knowledge of the Super tools and policies. The program has been around now for a few years and has proved successful and effective.

A few words from the Mentoring Program Graduate himself:

I was born and raised in southern California. My family hails from Yuma, Arizona. I come from a long line of lawmen on both sides of the family so I‘ve been around guns all my life. I served in the Air Force during the Vietnam war as an Air Crash Rescue Fireman on the Island of Okinawa. The majority of my adult life I worked in the telecommunications industry. When I retired I went back to work as a contractor and have worked everywhere from Boston, Massachusetts to Honolulu, Hawaii. In March of 2008 I stumbled onto WikiAnswers ( and became hooked on answering questions about air guns and rifles. I’ve been collecting air guns for several years. In November ’09 my wife and I attended our first WikiAnswers conference (Answers Summit) in Atlanta, GA where we met other Wikiholics like ourselves.

Previously, I had been asked to supervise a category about firearms but declined as I was not sure what that entailed… A few months ago Topbuilder asked me to supervise a new category which is Air Guns & Air Rifles. This time I was ready. Mike.2 became my Mentor and was very helpful in answering and assisting me with my questions and problems. I found the mentoring experience to be a real asset. I never realized how many tools are available to a supervisor and it does help to have someone assist you with everything. I still feel I can ask Mike.2 for help when I need it. Overall it’s been a great experience.

The next step for a Protégé is to become a Mentor themselves; so stay tuned for whether RoddLuna takes the leap…

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