Happy birthday, blog!

It’s not every day you turn 3-years-old. In fact, it’s only one day ever, and that day is today for no.stupid.answers.

There have been a lot of posts I’m particularly proud of. Coming up with the Contributor Corner was a great thing, and ever since we’ve worked to introduce you to one contributor a week, fresh from the Answers.com community (thanks, Crystal!). The Chimpmanzee column is one of my personal favorites (it’s all you, Nirel!). And once we started highlighting poetry from the community, well, things got a little more inspired around here (kudos, Matthew!).

There are a lot of ways to get no.stupid.answers. You can continue to come directly to the blog, of course. You can also ‘Like’ the Answers.com page on Facebook, so the posts will show up conveniently in your news feed. There is the RSS to subscribe to, or even easier, the no.stupid.answers email.

A big thanks to all our blog writers, as well as the Answers.com engineers, staff and contributors who are constantly giving us what to write about!

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