Take your answers further with WiseStamp.

Here’s a new way to get more mileage out of your contributions on Answers.com: Show off your latest answers in your email signature with WiseStamp.

WiseStamp is about making your email signatures into dynamic representations of you and your work. Every time you email friends, family or colleagues, you can showcase your latest answer, most recent contribution, favorite category – any kind of dynamic information that is available through RSS! In addition, you can add your social profiles, links and images to further customize your email.

As a category expert, you spend valuable time answering questions; broadcast your Answers.com contributions and profile every time you email a client, colleague or potential customer. The signatures can be as professional or as fun as you prefer:

WiseStamp is an add-on for Firefox, Chrome, and Flock browsers as well as Thunderbird and the following webmail clients: Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, Hotmail, and Google Apps.  WiseStamp makes it simple to add its feature to your email tools so you can get started designing multiple signatures for the different kinds of emails you send.

Once you have the add-on installed, you are given all kinds of options for what you want to share in your signature. For the Answers.com-specific content, all it takes is an RSS feed (and there are lots more to choose from). You can also use an Answers.com badge or show off your profile with a clickable Answers.com icon.

Learn more about how to set it up with the step-by-step directions.

“We are very pleased to partner with Answers.com and provide the Answers.com community with WiseStamp’s effective solution,” says Josh Avnery, WiseStamp’s CEO. “Answers.com users are true knowledge lovers and WiseStamp gives them a new exciting and efficient way to share their passion. Answers.com users can now bring their interests, questions and answers into their daily email interactions in a simple and functional way.”

Got any questions about using WiseStamp? Check out the FAQ.

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