New features: Find friends, more messages, bio page links.

I love the smell of wrapping paper in the morning.

Well, who doesn’t? We just unwrapped these brand new features on, and unlike a bratty 2-year-old, I’m even willing to share what’s inside:

Find friends!

Search for other members on any bio page.  The best way to take advantage of this feature is to search with keywords for hobbies, professions, interests – for example, search for “knowledge ninjas” and guess who shows up?

More messages!

Now when you view your message board, you can check out the site-wide message bar right above. That way you can flip through (using the arrows to the right and left of the messages) and learn what’s new on the site, helpful pages and the latest contests. Thanks to Mr. Mystery for the suggestion!

Tag, you’re linked!

When signed in, your username listed at the top of the lefthand Tools Menu now links to your bio page as opposed to the WikiAnswers main page.

No shame in checking yourself out once in a while, right?

Your comments are welcome!

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