Talking search and social at The Marker’s Com.vention.

The social life of the search engine: does it get any hotter than that?

At The Marker Com.vention (link in Hebrew), which took place yesterday in Rishon Letzion, Israel, CEO and Founder Bob Rosenschein spoke as part of a panel titled, Search Engines: Steady State or a Gathering Storm?

The CEO spoke about the necessary mix of search engine support as well as participation on social platforms. The future is one where Google is certainly still strong, but social media, including Facebook, are just as important.

Bob was in good company, as the other speakers on the panel included Yoelle Maarek, Senior Research Director at Yahoo! Israel; Arkady Volozh, Co-founder and CEO at Yandex; and Barak Berkowitz, Managing Director at Wolfram|Alpha.

Check out Bob’s take on the topic in the videos from the panel: Bob introducing, discussing search and social, and describing the future of mobile search and apps.

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