Just outta the wrapper: Latest features on Answers.com.

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen a lot of new features cropping up across Answers.com (namely within WikiAnswers). Here’s a breakdown of some of the new stuff – and why the changes are so awesome.

Question Editing

Editing a long question has been made super-simple. Now when you work on editing a question, you can see the entire text of the question at once instead of needing to scroll back and forth for long wording:

Lots of folks were working hard on question editing, and making changes to longer questions was a hassle when you couldn’t see the whole question at once and had to move back and forth across text. Thank goodness for the bird’s eye view!

Top Answerers

On the leader boards you can now hover over any username to see the number of contributions the user has put in during the period shown on the specific leader board. Puts it all in a bit more perspective that way and gives you a number to beat!

New data has also been added where you can see historical data for specific kinds of contributions. For example, you can see who did the most edits in July 2009 with the calendar tool at the bottom of the Edits board page. So relive your best months whenever you feel like it!

Share on Google Buzz

Share your favorite Answers.com Q&As on Google Buzz, the latest ‘it’ social sharing service:

Yep, Google Buzz is all the buzz and now you can share your favorites from Share button on any question or topic page. It’s as simple as any of the other sharing options included in Answers.com’s share feature.

Follow us

Follow Answers.com wherever you like to be, whether Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or all three! Now a quick and easy click (or three) from the homepage.

Related Answers

My personal favorite from the latest new features? That has to be the all-new related answers module now found at the bottom of answered and unanswered questions:

There are so many reasons this feature rocks; where do I start… Getting more information than you bargained for when you ask for a question? Or when you get to an unanswered question, you may still find relevant information in the Related Answers below? The fact that finding similar questions to merge has never been easier? All in all, it just makes every Q&A page a richer experience.

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