The Hoopoe has landed: Instant on Twitter. HoopoeIf you haven’t already read the TechCrunch article that leaked the story late yesterday, or the press release that went out this morning, well, that is why I am here to tell you about the new bird in town: the Hoopoe.

It is a really cool project in the alpha stage. Tweet your question @AnswersDotCom and get a reply with a snippet of the answer and a link to the full page on

Pronunciation tip: Wondering how the chirp  you’re supposed to pronounce Hoopoe? Have the following conversation out loud with yourself –

Who goes there?”

“Edgar Allan Poe.”

Fun tip: Aside from tweeting the question with @AnswersDotCom, you can also use either #answersdotcom or #hoopoe in your tweet to get the same response.

For your entertainment: Here’s a snazzy video intro to Hoopoe.

But what are you waiting for? The real fun is directly on Twitter. Go on, tweet your question @AnswersDotCom and get your reply instantly!

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