Connect your account with Facebook or other social networks

connect your account with other servicesFor the first time you can now connect your account at with your account at Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, Google, or LinkedIn. If you link with your Facebook account your Facebook profile picture will be displayed on your bio page. You will also get a link to your profile on the appropriate site at the top of your bio page and have one less password to remember (you will be able to use your username and password from one of those 5 networks to sign in to!).

Linking your accounts takes only seconds. To do so, click “My Settings” in the lefthand menu after you have logged in to Then, under Connect Your Account, click on the icon for the network with which you would like to connect and enter your login information.

In the future we will make it even easier to share your activity on with your network. Watch for news on these exciting developments in the coming months!

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