Who mentors the Mentors?

WikiAnswers is a big place. Starting out on the site can be like the first day in a really big new school. Nothing and no one is familiar. You can get lost going from one place to the next, and have no idea how to return. Not to mention, just when you think you’re getting the hang of it… if you’re an accomplished contributor, you might be faced with the whole new world of Supervisorship. So many tools! And so many privileges.

Enter the Mentor.

These guys and gals have a lot of experience on WikiAnswers, and more importantly, they have experience teaching others – proteges – how to use the site. Whether you’re in need of an introduction to supervising or a refresher course, Mentors are here to be your guide along the way.

But who mentors the mentors?

Mentors are mentored by Senior Mentors, Mentors who have graduated proteges from the program and have committed to providing support and guidance to a new Mentor who has just joined the program. The idea is to give the new members of the Volunteer Mentoring Program someone specific to rely on for answers to their Mentoring questions, just as a Mentor does this for a Supervisor who has just joined our community.

If you would like to volunteer as a mentor or request a mentor of your own, send an email to MentoringProgram @ WikiAnswers.com.

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