Spring Cleaning contest results are in

We came…  We saw…  We edited…  To the tune of over 23,500 unanswered question edits this past weekend!  Thanks to all who participated in the 2010 Spring Cleaning contest.  The winners in each tier were HisPowr4U (with an amazing 3,855 edits!) and Fourthfrench.  They will each receive a $300 Amazon.com gift card.

The 2nd place finishers included Fuzzy Logic, Wonderful Wanda, Yourchasehelpers, Cotton C Doyle and Em1989 who have each earned a $200 gift card.  A full list of all top finishers and runners up is now available.

Preparation is underway for our next fun contest so watch this space for details about it in the near future!

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning contest results are in”

  1. Congratulations to our first and second place winners! Also, a big thank you to everyone who participated in this contest. 😉


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