Coming soon to an inbox near you!

Email notifications have long been an integral part of WikiAnswers participation. They are without doubt the fastest way to get word of an updated answer or new message on your board. And now, after a major overhaul, we hope you’ll find them even more useful, efficient and convenient.

If you’re already subscribed to the Watchlist or Message Board emails, you may have already noticed the changes.

“You’ve got an updated answer”

When you receive email notification about an updated answer, the email now includes a snippet of the answer, as well as information about who edited the answer and tools to view the changes or edit the answer yourself.

As you can see here, Demoguy – a contributor with 18 trust points – did a good job answering the question, but there’s a little typo I want to fix immediately. No problemo, I can click on the “Edit answer” link and correct the spelling.

“You’ve got a message!”

The message board notification email was similarly upgraded, and now you can view your messages right there in the email, without clicking through to the site. To reply, simply click Reply (surprise!) and you’ll be taken straight to the sender’s message board, where you can leave your response.

You've got mail!

We hope the new design makes it easier for you to keep tabs on updates and correspond with fellow wikiers. Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

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