Game on! Question editing contest this weekend

Straighten up that spelling, give that grammar an upgrade and correct that capitalization! We’re having an Spring Cleaning contest for editing unanswered questions this weekend: March 27th and 28th. First prizes are $300 gift cards and 2nd place winners receive $200 gift cards as well. There are over 25 other great prizes too.

The aim of the game is to improve the most questions (only unanswered questions count!) in 48 hours. Learn more about how to edit questions properly. Keep in mind question edits will be reviewed for compliance with the rules and the questionable strategies highlighted there may cause you to be disqualified.

The question editing contest begins at 12:00 am (EST) on Saturday (late Friday night), March 27, 2010. The event ends 48 hours later, at 11:59 pm (EST) on Sunday, March 28, 2010. Only edits made within this time frame will be counted as part of the contest. Be sure to read through the rules before you start.

Good luck and game on!

One thought on “Game on! Question editing contest this weekend”

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