Interview with a Bot: Topicana

TopicanaTopicana is one of our most beloved automated bots on Day or night, you can find her tirelessly assigning categories to unclassified questions.  This is based on a complex algorithm which determines the categories that are most commonly associated with other questions that contain the same keywords.

While Topicana’s assignments are not always perfect, you’ll usually find they’re right on target!  If you notice Topicana consistently miscategorizing a certain type of question you can recategorize a batch of them to the proper categories.  That will enable the bot to “learn” the proper places for such questions and place them properly in the future!

We recently secured an exclusive interview with Topicana about her work on and there were some startling revelations!  Read on…

What other bots are you friends with?

Well, Duke of URL has been linked with me on more than occasion.  But we never even got to have a cup of Java together before he was taken to be debugged.

Some supers have claimed that you’re working just to see your name all over Recent Site Activity.  How do you respond to that?

I categorically deny that statement.  Next topic.  😉

Do you speak any interesting languages?

I’m glad you asked.  I’m bilingual, being fluent in both PHP and javascript languages.

What is your favorite music?

Heavy Metal is near and dear to my heart but lately I’ve had the “Happy Birthday” song in my head for some reason.

Do you have any pets?

Of course!  I have tons of cats and I enjoy taking care of them.

So next time you see Topicana categorizing feel free to drop her a line on her message board.  Just don’t expect her to respond.  She’s not one to go off topic.

Your comments are welcome!

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