Fourteen Awesome Things About March 14th.

Albert EinsteinToday is March 14th and you know what that means…

Oh, you don’t? March 14th is chock full of pure awesome, from famous birthdays, quirky holidays and most of all, the best pastry of all time.

Fourteen Awesome Things About March 14th.

  1. Albert Einstein, the cuddliest scientist ever, was born.
    In ‘theory’, I imagine that some of Einstein’s ‘relatives’ forgot his birthday from time to time.
  2. Happy birthday, Billy Crystal!
    No less important – ok, somewhat less important – actor Billy Crystal was also born on this date.
  3. Daylight savings time begins.
    Ready to spring ahead, northern hemisphere? Time to turn back time.
  4. International Ask a Question Day.
    Must have something to do with #1 – without Albie, there might be a lot less high school physics students cramming questions before finals.
  5. Mothering Sunday.
    AKA, Mother’s Day in England. Don’t they make it sound so warm and cozy?
  6. Moth-ER Day.
    Mothers are important, yadda yadda. But what about moth collectors?
  7. Bretzelsonndeg.
    Some kind of Luxembourg Valentine’s Day involving young boys and pretzels.
  8. Celebrate agriculture!
    Somewhere out there, a farmer is taking a quick break to celebrate.
  9. National Animal Poison Prevention Week.
    You have a week to keep your pets from getting poisoned, people.
  10. Feast with St. Mathilda.
    Wait your turn, St. Patrick – Mathilda has a feast today and you gotta wait your turn.
  11. ’10 Most Wanted Fugitives’ lists made their debut.
    And without that, where would that awe-inspiring TV show have come from?
  12. Check Your Batteries Day!
    Good call, my laptop might have died before I finished this post.
  13. Happy Pi Day!
  14. Pie. Just pie.
    Seriously, best. baked good. ever. Any day of the year.
apple pie

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