Top 10 insanely crucial facts about Justin Bieber.

Justin BieberLooking for some new music? Do you like it young, fashionable and straight off of YouTube?

Justin Bieber was one of 2009’s youngest singing sensations (15 years old), plucked from YouTube and an instant hit. Oh, and he likes the color purple.

But don’t stop there. There are all kinds of things to know about Bieber. And where better to learn the answers to your burning Justin Bieber questions than right here? Oh, that’s right,

Top 10 insanely crucial facts about Justin Bieber.

  1. What kind of shoes does Justin Bieber wear?
    Hint: They are high, but not heels.
  2. Who is Justin Beiber currently dating?
    Not you. Nyah nyah.
  3. What is Justin Bieber’s middle name?
    Alex? Chris? Peter? Only one way to find out for sure.
  4. Will Justin Bieber’s voice change?
    Will the moon align with the sun? Will the crow pick at your garden?
  5. What color does Justin Bieber hate?
    That’s strong language, but I suppose I’m not a big fan of chartreuse, myself.
  6. Is Justin Bieber a Twilight fan?
    Oh god. Say it isn’t so…
  7. What is the story behind the song ‘Where Are You Now’ by Justin Bieber?
    Get ready to get emotional.
  8. Who discovered Justin Bieber?
    Marie Curie?
  9. Does Justin Bieber wear makeup?
    The good ones always do.
  10. Who was Justin Bieber’s first kiss?
    His momma on his newborn bum… Oh, that kinda kiss.

There are literally thousands more questions in the Justin Bieber Q&A category, so check it out and get your fill of underage musical holiness.

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