Top ten reasons why men watch Olympic figure skating.

Last week the Winter Olympics began focusing on many people’s favorite sport… figure skating. It’s like watching beautiful butterflies magically flutter through the air, a miracle of human grace.

…Or something.

Here are the real reasons men watch the Olympic figure skating:

Top ten reasons why men watch Olympic figure skating

  1. You get to say phrases like ‘that was a rough quadruple salchow’ even though you’re not a surgeon.
  2. The blades bring back a secret nostalgia for The Mighty Ducks.
  3. You get to rate the skaters along with the judges, although your points are based on the same scale as
  4. It’s either watching this or Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader – and you know you’re not.
  5. Seeing men in periwinkle spandex reasserts your manhood.
  6. The lifts on ice give you great material for the book you’re working on ‘Kama Sutra Santa.’
  7. There is an evil enjoyment to be had in watching someone trip and fall on ice.
  8. The ratio of the girls’ skirts flying in the air versus covering the booty is 4:1.
  9. You get to watch #7 and #8 get replayed in slow motion.
  10. Hey, you need to associate something positive with The Nutcracker.

4 thoughts on “Top ten reasons why men watch Olympic figure skating.”

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