Five Valentine’s Day gift ideas… for men.

Are you a romantic, hopeless or not? Then you must be hyper-actively aware that Valentine’s Day is this Sunday.

Whether you’ve been with your partner for 30 years, just started dating or are taking a new lover for the occasion, you have to shop for a gift with the assumption that they’ve seen all the cliches.

Especially if ‘they’ are men.

For years, men have received heart-splattered boxers, red-striped ties, even, gasp, self-made coupons for hugs… So I took the liberty of scanning the Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Q&A to summarize fresh, new gift ideas for your men, as suggested by the community:

Five Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men

  1. Beef jerky.

    The rationale: “Men love to eat…” They do say the best way to a man’s heart is his stomach. I highly recommend not trying this one on a woman. It would take a special woman to appreciate this gift.

  2. Chocolate.

    Wait – hear me out. Not girly chocolate. Not chocolate shaped like anything except… chocolate. Manly chocolate. Big, giant, jumbo chocolate bars.

    Or, fine, beer.

  3. The three S’s.

    A sandwich, silence while watching TV and…the other ‘s’ word guys want.

  4. Not flowers.

    Don’t do it. Seriously.

  5. Anything autographed.

    Well, mostly anything. Baseball cards. Rock band posters. Anything retro. Vinyl records. Balls of any kind. Get on eBay and make sure it includes the John Hancock of anyone famous. It works for this contributor.

By the way, steer clear of the worst Valentine’s Day gifts… And feel free to comment below with some of your own ideas.

Here are a few other Valentine-related Q&As that will at least raise an eyebrow or two:

Good luck out there.

4 thoughts on “Five Valentine’s Day gift ideas… for men.”

  1. HAHA. Flowers. As I’ve already edited the answer, you should only send flowers to a man if he’s Elton John. Take this seriously, he has a recording of spending tens of thousands of dollars [or euros, I forgot] on flowers.


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