Top 10 fun things to do in the snow.

With the snowpocalypse having blanketed a lot of homes and office places yesterday, you may still be stuck indoors with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Wait, what? Of course you have somewhere to go – outside. In the, you  know, snow. Where there is plenty to do…

Top 10 Fun Things To Do In the Snow

  1. Sledding.

    Whether you are 5 or 55, this tradition is still thrilling as always! So go ahead and grab that sled you have been hiding in the attic and slide down those slippery little slopes. If for some reason you aren’t holding on to that precious little plastic disk from 20 years ago or don’t feel like breaking into your piggy bank, you can use the top of a trash can or a cardboard box with a trashbag around it.

    Does the position of the weight on the sled affect how far the sled goes?

  2. snowmanSnow (wo)man.

    If you don’t think it’s fun, you obviously haven’t done it in awhile. Once you are done piling and packing all that snow, you are the one who gets to put your fashion expertise to work. Finally you have some use for those old maternity clothes…

    How do you build a snowman?

  3. Snow angels.

    You might get a tad bit of snow on you, but that’s the point!

    Check out snow angel photos.

  4. snow ice creamSnow ice cream.

    You scream, I scream, we all scream for SNOW ICE CREAM (except for Frosty…). All you need is 4-5 cups of clean fresh unpacked snow, 1 cup of milk, ½ cup of sugar, and ½ teaspoon of vailla. Stir all the ingredients together except the snow. Once the sugar is dissolved, slowly add in the snow, and wait til it thickens. Delicious and easy! Thanks Mother Nature!

    Recipe for snow ice cream.

  5. Snow ball fight.

    Whether it is just you and your friend, or you gather up some teams, this is a great way to get a work out and have some ‘friendly’ competition in the snow. Warning: if people are sore losers, they might want to refrain from this game.

    Tips for surviving a snow ball fight.

  6. snow tubingSnow tubing.

    If you are lucking enough to come upon a place that has snow tubing – DO IT! I like to call this little thrill snoobing, and let me just say, it is a blast! If you find a place to do this, the tubes will be a bit sturdier and you will definitely go faster. But, this is easy enough to improvise on your own: Just grab a large intertube and snoob away! Warning: Careful not to pop your snoob tube.

    Read more about tubing.

  7. Construction.

    If you are a dedicated worker, I have one word for you: Igloo. Enough said.

    How do you build an igloo?

  8. Ice skating.

    Whether you are going on a first date, meeting up with a friend, or going with a whole group, ice skating can be a great experience in the snow. Take a break and have a cup of hot coco! Is there a better way to feel the essense of a winter wonderland?

    Watch some ice skating videos and get tips.

  9. Snow refrigerator.

    Just nestle your drinks or bowl of jello into the snow and…voila! you have an instant cold treat.

    More on snow refrigerators.

  10. snow ball fightPlay a sport.

    Games such as soccer, football, or capture the flag are a blast in the snow! Not only does it provide a ‘new’ terrain to play on, but if you fall, you have a softer landing. Plus, your drinks will be kept cold due to your snow fridge.

    More snow games.

Have fun! Note: Whatever you do, do not eat the yellow snow.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 fun things to do in the snow.”

  1. Regarding the snow cream… You can make it whatever flavor you want. Instead of vanilla, you can add chocolate powder or syrup (Torani makes dozens of flavors, many that are zero-calorie and sugar-free), maple syrup, ice cream toppings, margarita or sweet and sour cocktail mix, bloody mary or pina colada or any other cocktail mix, instant coffee, you can use the little flavor packet from ramen noodles… any instant soup mix, jello or instant pudding mix… you can add fruit, coconut, granola… and so on. Make a game of coming up with different ideas.

    Just make sure you check the snow first with a magnifying glass to make sure it really is clean, and hasn’t picked up contaminants from pollution, traffic, chemically treated trees, or whatever else. The real drawback to eating snow is that everyone will be really cold afterwards and have to pee a lot.

    If it turns out you can’t eat the snow where you are, you can always use ice to make ice cream in a bag (you can google for that, google “ziploc ice cream”), and you can use sugar substitutes if you’re concerned about that.


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