WikiAnswers is still growing fast.

WikiAnswersIf you’re going to be #2 – why not be #2 after… Facebook?’s WikiAnswers was rated the #2 fastest growing U.S. domain in 2009, right after Facebook. And, hey, that’s ok, since recently implemented Facebook Connect as an option for signing in.

Here’s a little more from the official announcement:

“…according to comScore data… WikiAnswers’ unique monthly visitor count in the U.S. grew 74%(*). This ranks WikiAnswers as the 2nd fastest growing domain in 2009, second only to, of the top 50 U.S. domains in December 2008.”

Bob Rosenschein, Chairman and CEO of, said this about the growth:

“The site’s unique self- reinforcing growth coupled with the efforts of the entire team, have once again brought to the culmination of a very successful year.”

So for the millions of contributors out there – treat yourselves to some chocolate! Even the tiniest edits are building on the amazing, global, growing, collaborative Q&A project that is WikiAnswers.

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