Ahhh! Clean off your mittens! Stock up on cocoa! Check on your flight departure times!

The snowpocalypse is coming!!!

At least, that’s all I keep hearing about from colleagues and family in the New York region.

If you’re also far off in some warm climate, learn more about what our winter-wary friends are prophesying about: What is the snowpocalypse?

And for those of you stuck on the east coast, here are some tips for surviving the snowpocalypse (take them seriously at your own risk):

  1. Wear all your clothes at the same time.
  2. Stock up on hot cocoa.
  3. Shout how many inches of snow your street has already received.
  4. Take a shot of something warm for every foot of snow the weatherman predicts.
  5. Park your car on top of your house so it isn’t snowed in tomorrow.

And, seriously – if you have any flights scheduled for today, check with the airline before leaving for the airport.

Good luck, my cold-climate friends.

After all – it’s coming and you can’t stop it…


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