The 7 weirdest Olympic sports.

The 2010 Winter Olympics are set to kick off in Vancouver this Friday, featuring 15 winter sports. While that sure is a bag of fun, are you aware of the weirdest Olympic sports of all time? Learn about it below. Oh, and be prepared – a bunch of them involve animals.

The 7 weirdest Olympic sports

  1. biathlonBiathlon.

    Biathlon: Sounds like a contest to see how much biology you know. In general, it’s a sporting term for one event with two disciplines. In relation to the Olympics, it’s a winter sport combining-cross country skiing and… rifle shooting. Yeah… I’ll stay a safe distance away from that one.

  2. pigeon racingPigeon racing.

    Imagine a time when there was no Internet. No Super Bowl. Not even World Wars to look back on. That was the year 1900 – a year when pigeon racing was an Olympic sport.

    And, well, the only year that it was an Olympic sport.

  3. skeletonSkeleton.

    Dare to believe in a whole new take on sledding. No, this is not the Rosebud from your childhood, folks. This is skeleton, a one-man face-down sled race on an ice track. I shudder to think why it’s called skeleton.

  4. skijoringSkijoring.

    How much do you really trust your pet? Would you let Rover take the lead while attached to him with a rope… on skis? That’s skijoring, and it’s ski-aring the bejesus out of me. In the 1928 Winter Olympics it was a demonstration sport, using horses.
  5. Curling.


    Curling, to me, sounds like it should mean something completely different – like some kind of salon Olympics. It’s anything but: the game involved two four-person teams sliding heavy stones towards a circle drawn at either end of an ice court. It originated in Scotland; somehow that makes sense.

  6. handball fieldHandball.

    You may be familiar with handball as a school recess favorite, but an older version of the game known as field handball did play a role as a sport in the 1936 Summer Olympics. It even had six teams contesting.

  7. korfballKorfball.

    Korfball is a version of netball played in outer space… Kidding! It is, however, a mixed-gender version of netball played in 57 countries. It was a demonstration sport in the 1920 and 1928 Olympic games. Each team consists of four men and four women… but no mixed duels! Keep it clean, kids.

4 thoughts on “The 7 weirdest Olympic sports.”

  1. Still stuck in 1936? Field handball died after the war and 1936 was its last Olympic appearance!

    Today’s handball is the fastest, most powerful sport played by a ball in the World and one of the most exciting sports on the Olympic list but what would you know, you’re an American and you’ve been raised on ‘baseball’ and football (albeit played entirely by hands) – now what’s weirder than that?


  2. I'm a big sportsfan but more than that I coach little dudes to become maybe the next hockey generation. I think through sports people can evolve.Adam Carpenter – hockey pool coach


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