WikiAnswers: Seven million answers served.

The 7th million answer was added on WikiAnswers this week. The answer is – drum roll, please…

If nail polish remover went down the sink what would happen?

Answer by Wolfgang schwartzschild: “It will float on top of the trap and stink-up the room until it has all evaporated and dispersed. You could try heavy flushing in hopes of washing it down in the current, or open up the trap and pour it into a bucket.”

Let’s not forget to mention that there were plenty of good answers coming in at numbers like 6,999,998 or 7,000,001:

I’d also like to take the opportunity to point out that great community answers aren’t always the first answer added. Take another look at the prickly hedgehog answer. Two contributors made that answer great; one addressed the question in a functional way while the other addressed it on another level. Q&A the wiki way, where answers grow and evolve and deepen with collaboration.

See you at 8 million!

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