Timwilson jaxpoet: Slowing down in Winter

One of our newest contributors, Timwilson jaxpoet, makes a contribution to the Poetry Cafe this week.  He explained that the inspiration behind this poem was that Winter always depressed him (and many others too) with the short days and bitter cold.  Everything outside was losing its life.

But after listening to Sting’s new CD “If On A Winter’s Night” he said it finally dawned on him (after 45 years on the planet) that God created it this way for a reason. His belief is that we, as humans, need to slow down once in awhile but that we never do.  “Winter is designed to force us to do just that, turn towards the indoors where it’s warm, by the fire or in the kitchen and to turn inward also, where our warmest thoughts live and dwell, in our hearts and souls” Tim reasons.

Tim is seeking a publisher both for the poems and a series of old-fashioned fairy tales he has written (and continues to write).  You can contact him on his Answers.com message board.

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Untitled, by Tim Wilson

Autumn’s twilight gently falls,
as winter whispers, icy breath.

Soft lullaby for earth now calls,
upon the season’s gentle death.

Gone the leaves and harvest moon
As winter brings much needed rest,

Sings her melancholy tune,
lays all to sleep upon Earth’s breast.

Rest good Earth now slumber deep,
Do not be troubled and forlorn.

Dream the promise you must keep,
The flowering of your spring be born.

3 thoughts on “Timwilson jaxpoet: Slowing down in Winter”

    1. Thank you so much!! There is a painting and a piece of music all as one piece of artwork!! Please find me on Facebook timothy wilson Jacksonville Florida!!!


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