Learn American Sign Language on Answers.com.

This has to be one of the coolest reference resources on Answers.com right now: Sign Language Videos and ASL diagrams.

Good morning in sign language

It’s a good idea to pick up a new language – so why not American Sign Language?

Learn how to say terms like ‘good morning’ on Answers.com with a diagram or a video.

You’ll know you’re doing well when you’re told good job! Or you might be a bit of an overachiever if you’re told you’re signing fast:

But if you’re getting frustrated, just calm down… It takes time to learn a new language!

There are probably a lot of people across the United States who are hoping not to use this next one anytime soon:

And for those random, obscure moments when you just need to be able to express this, well:

Your father is nice looking

For now, you’re still a newbie so you might want to be sure you know how to ask your conversation companion to ‘please repeat‘:

Please repeat in sign language

Get started ASAP: Check out the full range of sign language videos and ASL image guides. Also, check out the American Sign Language category and learn some fun facts about the Deaf community:

Hope this helps… You’re welcome.

Any questions?

Any questions in sign language

One thought on “Learn American Sign Language on Answers.com.”

  1. i need to help a group set up video for their classroom . it is a presentation and also question and answer.
    i know i need 2 cameras and a projector.and a computer .
    ido you know of a typical block diagram of components typicaly used ?
    dan j solis


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