Smokey420: His girl is with him

Smokey420 is already a bronze contributor on after joining only 2 months ago.  He is a 17-year old high school student and wide receiver/free safety for his school football team.  He says he enjoys meeting new people because it is always a surprise to see what new people are about.

But make no bones about it girls…  He is “taken.”  He explains that his girlfriend is “the most amazing and caring girl [he has] ever met.”  She actually wrote the following poem, our spotlighted poem in the Poetry Cafe this week, for him…

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Unititled, by Smokey420

Is with him
that I feel alive
I feel light and
everything’s right.

Is with him
that I dream of
the only who stops my heart
and with a kiss make it start.

Is with him
when the world stops,
and when everything is slow
is when I want him more.

Is with him
that I breath deep
taking in
the touch of him.

Is with him
I visualize my life
going on hand by hand
taking steps one by one.

Is with him
that I only laugh,
he is the one that makes me cry
the one I want for my own.

Is with him
that I feel I don’t need a thing
he makes me feel safe
cause I know he will stay.

Is with him
that my dreams come true,
he is all I need
the only one I pray to be with.

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