Mike 2: Happy Holidays

Mike 2’s last poem brought such a smile to our faces we’re having him back for an encore performance these next three days.  The first poem of this special Poetry Cafe trifecta celebrates the holidays this time of year.

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Happy Holidays, by Mike 2

Holidays they come and go
But seem much better with some snow

Rain or shine, snow or hail
Santa’s on the present giving trail

Snow is better for Santa’s sleigh
So much easier for him to get away

He needs the speed to deliver the toys
There’s lots to give out to the girls and boys

Dolls and trains, prams and bikes
Delivering presents is what Santa likes

Have you been good, I hope you have been
Then Santa will visit you, but totally unseen

Holiday, they come and go
Season to be jolly it is so

Season to wish friends lots of cheer
Season for family to be near

Season for giving, that is true
And here’s my wish

Happy Holidays to you.

One thought on “Mike 2: Happy Holidays”

  1. Thank you again, Mike! What a baautiful balancing act between emotion, humor, and nostalgia. You’re a poet, and we all are fortunate to know it. Merry Christmas and Happy 2010 to you and your family!


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