Santa Letter-Writing Time!

The temperature is dropping, the snow is whirling around, and frost-bitten vendors are selling honey-roasted peanuts on the street corner. It’s that time of year again; The time to show your holiday warmth and spread that selfless, super fuzzy holiday cheer.


I’ll tell you what Xmas means…It’s SANTA LETTER WRITING TIME! Yay!

I want an iPhone!

I want Guitar Hero! I want a bulldog.

I want Skittles for breakfast. I want to fly to Hollywood and meet Robert Pattinson!

I want, I want… I WANT to fly to space (only $200,000 now!)

And while you’re at it Santa, I want a year’s supply of astronaut ice cream!

Just let it out! All year long you helped old ladies cross the road, you found lost puppies and brought them back to their owners! You never Jay-walked. You ate asparagus because it made your momma proud. You helped your little sister with homework, and you always threw your gum out in the garbage, even if the garbage can was at the end of the block. You donated your allowance to worthy causes like cancer research and heck, you even walked along the sidewalk so that you wouldn’t hurt the grass— because that’s the kind of person YOU are.

So now is your chance to ask for everything and anything you want. Santa is known to give good girls and boys anything their heart desires… (he also happens to be a huge fan of

So go ahead, tell Santa what you want for Christmas!

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