Holiday AnswerThon winners announced!

Winners of the Holiday AnswerThon have been announced. But if you’re too lazy to click that link, I understand (still tired from the Summit?). So I have reprinted them here:

FIRST PLACE: Aggie80 ($500 Amazon gift card!)

SECOND PLACE: Wonderful Wanda and Infinitedrmr ($250 Amazon gift card!)

THIRD PLACE: XwizardgodxEclipse8, and Squirrel Man ($100 Amazon gift card!)

Go Aggie80, go! Not only did he win first place, but he participated in the Answers Summit as well… Aggie, how do you find the time?

8 thoughts on “Holiday AnswerThon winners announced!”

  1. And mumtime too. They have very less answers. many of them are less. Mumtime answred about 10 questions i think. I did all my answersin shopping. did anyone count me??/


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