Answers Summit Day 2: Photos, photos, more photos!

Day 2 of the Answers Summit featured two workshops, a panel on answer quality, an Orange Guy competition and an awards ceremony.

How do you capture all that activity in a summary? Maybe you don’t even try… But these photos from Pickleshy, Eliesheva and YourMom1108 can begin to describe the excitement, the inspiration and the fun we had at today’s events.

The rest of this week we will feature more highlights from the Summit… Meanwhile, check out the photos being posted at the Ning fan site.

A panel on answers quality.

Sameer from the Cyberbullying Research Center.

A Knowledge Ninja in the ‘flesh.’

Farmer and his orange matter…

Everyone’s a winner when it comes to Orange.

3 thoughts on “Answers Summit Day 2: Photos, photos, more photos!”

  1. As a participant of this summit I can assure you the smiles seen on the faces in the photos only portray a small part of the fun we all had. The summit was a blast, those who were unable to attend really missed an opportunity to learn about our company and enjoy meeting everyone who makes our Wikiaddiction possible. Bravo to all those involved in making memories to last a lifetime.Should another conference be planned I would advise everyone to jump at the opportunity to attend.


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