Georgia Aquarium: wiki-style.

On Day 1 of the Answers Summit, our group of wiki-folk went back to school… schools of fish, that is. The Georgia Aquarium, a four-year-old tribute to the deep end, hosted the Summit participants with a tour and dinner.

Some fun facts about the aquarium:

The Georgia Aquarium contains between 100,000 and 120,000 fish and other sea creatures, representing more than five hundred species. On June 14, 2005, the total number of specimens was unveiled after having previously being reported as “over 55,000”.

The aquarium’s most famous specimens were four young whale sharks from Taiwan named Ralph, Norton, Alice and Trixie, after the primary characters from The Honeymooners.

The aquarium encompasses 550,000 square feet of covered space and includes 328 tons of acrylic windows, 290 plumbing fixtures, 200 floor drains, 53 roof tops, 61 miles of wires and pipes and 100,000 yards of concrete in the structure. It holds 8,000,000 US gallons of fresh and salt water and houses more than 100,000 fish and animals.

Photo credit: Pickleshy and Monica Garrett.

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