JoyceP: A mother is missed

You may remember JoyceP, our 2008 WAmmy Award Winner in two different Best Answer categories.  Yes, that JoyceP!  She had been writing long before she became a supervisor at WikiAnswers.

She endured a troubled childhood marred by the loss of her beloved mother.  Even though it’s been many years since her mother died she still thinks about her every single day and still has days when she cries for her.  On a particularly bad day, when she missed her terribly, she decided to grab a pad and pencil and began scribbling down her thoughts.  Within about ten minutes she had written this week’s featured poem in the “Poetry Cafe.”

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Untitled, by JoyceP

Mama, can your hear us
Can you hear our cries?
Mama, can you see us
Can you see our pain?
Oh, what we wouldn’t give
To be with you again.

You never should have left us
But now we’re all alone,
You were all we had
In our humble home.

We know that you were hurting
And now we share your pain.
It seems like all life’s problems
Come back ’round again.

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