Dikgang: Questions of Realities

Dikgang Kekana is a 19-year old university student in Johannesburg, South Africa.  He also happens to be one of our contributors here at WikiAnswers.  His username is Dikgang.

This week he has shared a most thought-provoking poem with the “Poetry Cafe.”  He wrote the following poem in 2008 while attending a math tutorial.  Dikgang explains “The lecturer was covering the chapter on absolute values and there was an instant wherein he alluded to the discipline’s supremacy – that some aspects were unquestionable, but within them there was cause for question.”  He further adds “I was just struck by how one could twist reality for [oneself], twist definitions and accepted standards.”  He now strives to follow in the footsteps of some of the great intellectuals in the discipline of mathematics.

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“Questions of Realities,” by Dikgang

I feel a million words rush through my fingers, a million ideals, ideals that can shape our collective realities. I have visions and thoughts that every time upon their summoning they dare to challenge the accepted and mundane. I have prophecies and epiphanies that refuse to surrender hostage of my mind, ever seeking the source of that decision that ultimately separates me from all the rest.

I keep finding myself in a variable reality that I sometimes control, I can sometimes tell what yet isn’t. I have impulses that scream to be named, scream to be made, scream to be known and acknowledged. As soon as I put them on a canvas an image is to behold. What we thought was, now isn’t. This very same thing I cannot express in exact testimony has got my heart enraptured and senses unknowing of their tastes. How can I create these… illusions? How can I imagine to challenge the impossible? This formless inspiration that dwells in the depths of my twisted inner core that wishes that my real reality was real as it was to me changes shape by the minute and stalks my conscience until it strikes yet again and leaves me disillusioned and questioning everything and anything.

With this one entrapment of still, motionless beliefs and possibility I can translate to infinite pages of uncharted knowledge, I do dare to challenge the known and the accepted. How can I not? That feeling wants to hear of nothing else but its own manifestation. It catches and taunts me in the middle of my daily bread as the apparently diligent lecturers go about telling their subjects of what is known and is possible.

How can I bear this torture and still be sane and still exist between these realms that cannot coexist? Do I choose one and abandon the other, ever wondering what the other would have brought me, what fruits would it have bore? I cannot but only suffer under this tyranny of ideas, thoughts, visions and epiphanies. Should I express these through my expressions? That only raises eyebrows. Should I keep it in? That is only normal… and… sedate! Don’t I deserve a little insanity? Insanity that is at least different, strange, outstanding. Can I legitimately assume a little instability? Instability is after all possibility. Instability is the state of not knowing what is to happen next, what is to define the subsequent time frame that the observer exists in.

How do I tame this beast? I don’t want to. I want it to ravage my mind further so I can continuously shape my ideals and definition of reality. I want it to feed my drive, my essence that can with ease inspire and baffle professors of the highest degree. It is this that lays on forth me the blueprint… of my success. Yes, finally there’s something that balances the forces that are against me. Balance is what we all ultimately fall back on by default and hope to eventually attain. There’s something that wishes for me to continue onward and inquire on the workings of my predecessors and of nature itself. I am yet to ask my questions and I am yet to be answered. Until I am, I’m free to explore, free to assume my own reality in this reality. Until then, I can choose to believe.

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