Congrats, October AnswerThon winners!

This past weekend was an exciting and intense AnswerThon, mainly due to the fact that the first prize is a $1,000 Amazon gift card… Not to mention, 34 other prizes available to other winners and runners up!

Keep in mind, the folks mentioned below managed to answer hundreds – and some over one thousand – questions in a 48-hour period over the weekend.

So, on to the winners. Drum roll, please….

FIRST Place goes to Blue, who clocked in with over 1600 answers!

SECOND Place is taken by Aggie80, a past champion who answered over 1200 times!

THIRD Place prizes are awarded to Fuzzy Logic (1100+), Porkchop1802 (900+) and Steven Keyman (900+).

The thirty RUNNERS UP include: HisPowr4U, Darksyde, Anandvijayakumar, EndTrans, Xuxa, Ftaylor13, Chemistry4thewin, Ananddave, Jadeacres, Ibbag, Manikkpudur, George McCasland, ThePigWhisperer, Blackwolfspirit, Jute, Squirrel Man, Ilovebulldogs, Webby08, Mathdoc, Funbelow, EducationsAdvocate, Idisjunction, Hilmarz, Kharrima, Bluedolphin30, Armoryhistorian, Ginezumi, MattApril, C.Hainsaw, and Wiki Gator.

Thanks to everyone who participated this weekend! And congrats to the winners. Until next time… you are the AnswerThon champions!

Stay tuned for some news regarding future contests coming soon… All I can say is, more contests, more often. I said, stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “Congrats, October AnswerThon winners!”

  1. Great job guys you were excellent. I did not participate but enjoyed watching the heat rise. I have a fever today so I can’t go trick-or-treating. Boo!!!


  2. did i mention that 1000mL is 1L
    and 2000mL is 2L
    and 3000mL is 3L
    and 4000mL is 4L
    and 5000mL is 5L
    and 5500mL is 5.5L
    and 5600mL is 5.6L
    and 5610mL is 5.61L
    and 5618mL is 5.618L


  3. Thanks to blue we will never need assistance converting from mililiters to liters ever again. For those of you who haven’t the time to read 500+ answers, the general formula is:
    divide by one thousand
    this means move the decimal place three places to the left
    so x mL is x*10^-3 liters.
    Thank you blue!


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