Paint the town orange!

The Orange Guy.

You’ve seen him grace the pages of in his various costumes, roles and forms. You’ve seen his friends parade around the Community: Decoded page, displaying the kinds of programs and positions you can join on the site.

And today, the Orange Guy (the brainchild of renowned illustrator, Leo Blanchette) has officially joined the family. Did you know he began his career here as an icon for a quick promo ad? That was his lucky break, since he has since evolved into one of the most memorable images on the sites.

A little bit of background:

Name: Orange Guy
Location: Everywhere the community goes
Current profession: The Community Mascot
Past professions: Pirate, Mailman, Secret Agent, Racecar driver, Chef, Scientist, Writer…
Hobbies: Helping community members around ReferenceAnswers and WikiAnswers.

Read up on the rest of the Orange Guy’s biography and get to know him and his creator, Leo Blanchette, who said “he came up with the idea over two years ago while driving 30 miles to work. After running out of gas and walking 2 miles to the nearest gas station he got serious about the concept.”

Well, whatever works. As Leo says, “Paint the town orange!”

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