Greekgoddessgirl Explores the Meaning of Life

Greekgoddessgirl is one of the dedicated WikiGuides in the Community Outreach program on WikiAnswers. When she’s not contributing to WA you might find her expressing herself through painting, writing a book, or of course writing poetry.

The following poem explains her idea of the meaning of life. She notes that it is hard to describe life in one short poem but that this sums it up pretty well. She enjoys writing poetry based on what she feels at the moment: overjoyed, inspired, angry, sad. It helps her express herself when she can’t any other way. Greekgoddessgirl stops by the Poetry Cafe this week with her poem below.

[If you would like your original poetry profiled on this blog, please e-mail it to poetry @ (no spaces) and include your WikiAnswers username!]

The Meaning of Life, by GreekGoddessGirl

Rules are meant to broken
Promises meant to be kept.
Doors are meant to be opened
Tears meant to be shed.
Mean coments are meant to be ignored
Feelings meant to be felt.
Music is meant to be played
Hearts meant to melt.
Roads are meant to be taken
Dances meant to be danced.
Criminals meant to be shaken
Loved ones meant to pass.
Hardships are meant to be defeated
People meant to be loved.
Messages are meant to be deleted
Work meant to be done.
Lost children are meant to be led
Prayers meant to be prayed.
Compliments are meant to be said
Helping hands meant to be laid.
Sadly this world’s full of strife.
Determination is the best we can give.
This is the meaning of life.
And life is meant to be lived.

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