A first prize worth $1,000.

You read that right.

The first prize for this weekend’s AnswerThon is worth $1,000 (that’s an Amazon gift certificate to spend on whatever you like). And second prize ain’t too shabby either, at a worth of $500. And did I mention three third place winners will get gift cards worth $250? How many iPod shuffles is that?

So… I hope you’re gearing up for answering the most questions in 48 hours… How, you ask?

  1. Review the contest rules before Saturday so you are clear on how to answer before the time comes; why waste precious contest time to familiarize yourself on how to play?
  2. You can prepare a list of unanswered questions from any category on WikiAnswers in advance that you’d like to answer for the contest. Remember, answers must be at least three sentences long, all of which include relevant content for the answer.
  3. Clear your schedule! Make sure you have the timing right depending on which time zone you’re in. And make sure you leave yourself enough time; there have been quite a few AnswerThons in the past and the veterans know what they are doing. Don’t underestimate the amount of questions you will need answer… We’re talking number of answers ranging in the three to four digits zone!
Just to remind you of the time zone information:
This edition of the WikiAnswers AnswerThon begins at 12:00 am (EST) on Saturday (late Friday night), October 24, 2009. The event ends 48 hours later, at 11:59 pm (EST) on Sunday, October 25, 2009.
Adjust for your time zone! Leave any questions in the comments… And start flexing those intellectual muscles!

Your comments are welcome!

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