Plethora loves dreaming up poetry

Plethora is one of our talented bilingual WikiAnswers supervisors. She is active on both the English and Tagalog versions of the website and she LOVES WikiAnswers!

Plethora also loves writing poetry. She tried to write songs in high school but since she hadn’t learned to read notes her songs ended up becoming poems. Writing is now her obsession and she often sleeps with a pen and paper under her pillow so she can write down the words from her dreams. Now that is dedication!

We’re featuring Plethora’s latest poem (“Confused”) in the Poetry Cafe this week.

[If you would like your original poetry profiled on this blog, please e-mail it to poetry @ (no spaces) and include your WikiAnswers username!]

Confused, by Plethora

Love, am I not so sure?
Do you really make one tremble?
Make one weak down into the knees

Surrender when I cannot swallow my pride
Clear my doubts when I keep changing my mind
You could melt my stubborn heart

Love, am I not too sure?
When I know I can do anything for you
I like everything about you
What more you can do?

Could you be compared to that of Romeo and Juliet?
Maybe Adam and Eve?

Love, what more can you do to me?
Do I have to be crazy, breathless or dead?

If this is not what I’m feeling,
Love, how deep is your meaning?

Your comments are welcome!

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