Movin’ on up… to #13.

Ready for a major announcement? announced today a September comScore ranking of #13, up five positions from August. From today’s release:

…comScore data for September 2009.’s combined U.S. unduplicated unique visitors reached 56.4 million in September, up 25% from 45.1 million in August. WikiAnswers had 46.3 million U.S. unique visitors and ReferenceAnswers had 21.4 million U.S. unique visitors in September.

According to comScore, sites now have a higher audience than major brands such as, craigslist and New York Times Digital.

Roi Carthy over at TechCrunch had this to say about the development:

What site has jumped five spots between August and September to become the 13th most visited site in the US, leapfrogging properties like New York Times and Viacom Digital?

Here are some hints: It’s listed on the NASDAQ. It was founded in Israel and its R&D center is located in Jerusalem. It has raised funding from high-profile angel investors Dr. Yossi Vardi and Ron Conway. Can you name the company?

The answer is—

Exemplifying that startups are long hauls,, née GuruNet, has been plugging away since its founding in 1999. Ten years later, comScore’s September 2009 data places the reference and Q&A site as the 13th most popular site in the United States, pulling in 56.4M unique users. This is a whopping 25% increase on’s August numbers.

Care for a fun fact? Based on unique visitors, WikiAnswers has crossed over and is the #1 community-driven Q&A site.

Congrats to the hard-working team behind Looking forward to more great news, products and site features!

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